How Do I File a Lemon Law Claim in California?

The easiest and most efficient way of filing a Lemon Law claim in California is hiring an experienced California Lemon Law attorney.  Many people are hesitant to contact an attorney because they are worried about the cost or have had bad experiences with lawyers in the past.  This is why it is critical to research the background of the attorney before making a decision. 

The California Lemon Law is a consumer protection statute and it is designed to help people with any background hire an attorney to enforce their rights.  The process is intended to be simplified and there is a specific section in the California Lemon Law which states that a prevailing consumer is entitled to recover her attorneys’ fees and costs.  In other words, filing a California Lemon Law claim through a lawyer should never cost consumers a penny.  Consumers who encounter any attorneys that ask for a retainer or any upfront costs to handle their Lemon Law claim should immediately move on. 

Since the California Lemon Law requires manufacturers to pay for the consumers’ attorneys’ fees, there is simply no reason to file a claim without the assistance of an experienced California Lemon Law attorney.  Car manufacturers handle countless Lemon Law claims on a daily basis and are exceptionally experienced with the law.  They know what they can and can’t get away with.  Unfortunately, most consumers are not well-versed in the California Lemon Law or their rights and can easily be taken advantage of by the manufacturers and their superior knowledge.  Only experienced California Lemon Law attorneys can ensure that you recover everything you are entitled to under the law.