About Our Firm

California Lemon Law Services is a division of Journey Law Group, Inc.  The firm was founded by Guy Mizrahi, a California attorney who spent 12 years representing big car manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies.  During that time period, Mr. Mizrahi spent extensive time with executives at the highest levels developing business and legal strategies to maximize company goals.  This unique exposure to the inner workings of the corporate brain trust has provided Mr. Mizrahi with the necessary tools to devise counter-strategies against these companies on behalf of consumers.

Journey Law Group, Inc. takes an aggressive litigation approach to achieve the best possible results for its clients.  Unlike most California Lemon Law firms, prior to taking on a case, Journey Law Group, Inc. spends substantial time with each potential client to thoroughly assess the claim and identify their individual goals.  Every person’s situation is different and Journey Law Group, Inc. tailors its litigation strategy to the specific needs of each client.  Most other California Lemon Law firms have a “one size fits all” approach.  They either quickly settle cases for pennies on the dollar, or fail to consistently communicate with their clients which results in cases unnecessarily dragging on for months.  The attorneys at Journey Law Group, Inc. always put their clients’ individual needs first and keep them thoroughly informed throughout the process.