2014 Audi A8

After months of extensive research, our Los Angeles lemon law client decided to lease a new 2014 Audi A8 diesel vehicle.  A gentleman and family man in his 60s, safety and comfort were two key factors that led him to the Audi A8.  He never suspected that he would end up having to file a claim under the California Lemon Law.

For the first two years, the vehicle exhibited virtually no problems.  It ran smoothly and only required routine maintenance.  There was no reason to believe that this vehicle would turn out to be a lemon.  One afternoon, our client was driving the vehicle in a business district at approximately 40 miles per hour when it suddenly hesitated, stalled and a warning message illuminated on the dashboard.  Our Los Angeles lemon law client was suddenly unable to operate or control the vehicle.

Concerned for his safety, the client presented the vehicle to the Audi dealership for repair.  The technicians spent a week diagnosing the car and although they were able to duplicate the problem, no repair was performed.  After running a number of tests, the dealership simply returned the vehicle to the Los Angeles lemon law client and assured him there was nothing wrong with the car.

Six weeks later, our Los Angeles lemon law client was once again driving down the street at approximately 40 miles per hour when the vehicle began hesitating and stalled once again.  At this point, our client was gravely concerned not only for his own safety, but for the safety of his grandchildren whom he would regularly drive around in the vehicle.

Once again, he took the vehicle to the dealership and reported the problem.  After a week had passed with our Los Angeles lemon law client checking in regularly with the dealership, he learned that Audi did not know what was wrong with the car or how to fix it.  Nearly two weeks after dropping the vehicle off for repair, our client was told that the problem was a faulty fuel pump which had been replaced.

Having lost confidence in the vehicle’s safety, the Los Angeles Lemon Law client contacted our office, spoke to a California Lemon Law attorney and explained his situation.  We immediately initiated a California Lemon Law claim against Audi and demanded that our client’s vehicle be repurchased in accordance with the California Lemon Law.  After initially denying the California Lemon Law claim, Audi ended up repurchasing the vehicle for a full refund and waived the vehicle’s mileage offset provided under the California Lemon Law resulting in savings of thousands of dollars for our client.