If you are stuck in Bakersfield driving a vehicle that has been giving you nothing but problems, it is likely time for you to contact a Bakersfield Lemon Law attorney. The California Lemon Law is a consumer protection statute that is designed to help consumers throughout Bakersfield and the rest of the state who were sold defective vehicles that cannot be repaired.

So how does the California Lemon Law help Bakersfield consumers? The answer is quite simple – purchasers and lessees of vehicles that qualify can receive a refund or replacement for their defective cars or trucks. While the answer is simple, the process can be overwhelming to consumers who are not represented by a skillful Bakersfield Lemon Law attorney.

Automobile manufacturers are well versed in the California Lemon Law and do everything they can to avoid having to repurchase defective vehicles from Bakersfield consumers. The manufacturers have armies of in-house California Lemon Law attorneys and local Bakersfield Lemon Law attorneys at their disposal. They use these resources to make the process as difficult as possible for Bakersfield consumers.

Fortunately, the authors of the California Lemon Law anticipated this behavior and took careful steps to protect consumers. Specifically, the California Lemon Law authors were aware that most Bakersfield consumers would not be able to afford their own Bakersfield Lemon Law attorneys, so they included a consumer attorney fee recovery section in the California Lemon Law. In other words, Bakersfield consumers who have valid California Lemon Law claims do not have to pay for their own Bakersfield Lemon Law attorneys – the California Lemon Law requires that the manufacturers pay for the consumers’ attorneys.

It therefore never makes sense for Bakersfield consumers to take on automobile manufacturers on their own. It also does not make sense to hire a Bakersfield Lemon Law attorney with less than 15 years of California Lemon Law experience. If the manufacturer is responsible to pay for your attorneys, you should hire the best and most experienced. Our expert Bakersfield Lemon Law attorneys never charge any up-front retainer costs and our clients never have to go out of pocket to pay our fees. Finally, unlike other Bakersfield Lemon Law attorneys, our firm was founded by a lawyer who spent the first 12 years of his career defending vehicle manufacturers in California Lemon Law claims. He essentially wrote their playbook and knows exactly how to attack it so that our clients obtain the best possible recovery on their Bakersfield Lemon Law claims.

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