How to Find the Best Lemon Law Attorney in Los Angeles

Finding the best Lemon Law attorney in Los Angeles is not particularly easy.  The city is filled with dozens of Lemon Law attorneys, many of which claim to be the best Lemon Law attorney in Los Angeles.  Accordingly, identifying the best Lemon Law attorney in Los Angeles requires some research.

The first thing to look for when researching the best Lemon Law attorney in Los Angeles is to identify the actual attorney himself/herself.  There are many websites claiming to be experts in the Lemon Law, but the actual attorney who will be handling your case is nowhere to be found.  Many of these claims are being made by faceless digital billboards.  How are you supposed to know if your Lemon Law attorney is the best in Los Angeles if you don’t even know who the attorney is?

Once you have identified the attorney, the next step is looking into his/her experience in the field.  The California Lemon Law is a consumer protection statute which requires the manufacturer to pay for the consumer’s attorneys’ fees.  As such, you should never hire a Lemon Law attorney in Los Angeles who charges any upfront or out of pocket costs.  If you have a valid Lemon Law claim, the whole process should be free to you. 

It goes without saying that an experienced Lemon Law attorney is better than one without any experience.  Like any industry, Lemon Law attorneys with more experience tend to charge more than inexperienced ones.  Since the manufacturer is required to pay for your attorneys’ fees, the hourly rate of the attorney you hire should not matter.  Why not hire the best, most experienced Lemon Law lawyer if you don’t have to pay for it?  Manufacturers love when consumers hire inexperienced Lemon Law attorneys because they know they can push them around.  Consumers should only hire attorneys with at least 15 years of experience in the California Lemon Law.

Finally, the best attorney in any field is one who has experience being on the other side.  This provides the attorney with inside knowledge as to how the other side operates and makes decisions.  It also provides the attorney with the other side’s weak points and how to attack them.  Hiring a Lemon Law attorney in Los Angeles who has prior experience representing vehicle manufacturers is a big advantage for consumers.

Ultimately, finding the best Los Angeles Lemon Law lawyer takes some time, but with these guidelines, you should be able make the right decision.